Equi-Angels: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Ruth Squires
(352) 476-3303 • Info@Equi-Angels.org

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program

Available for families, individuals, groups, camps, corporate teams, etc.

Equi-Angels mission is to reach out to the Tampa Bay community in an effort to promote health, healing, and growth through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy "EAP".  Horses are amazing powerful animals that interact and behave very much like people.  Therefore we are able to work with horses and experience sub-concious healing that we otherwise might guard againsts, deny, or avoid due to our human tendencies.  Horses communicate on a here and now basis not with pre-determined notions as to what people are or want and they are highly intuitive to body language and other non-verbal signals.  Everyone can benefit from a relationship with horses and it is our desire to show people the healing effects that this type of work can have. 

             Equi-Angels offers services to Families, Corporate Groups, Individuals, Children, Couples, etc.  We work with all types of situations i.e. eating disorders, marriage counseling, mental disorders, team functionality, bereavement, etc.  Our services are available throughout the entire Tampa Bay Area and we are based directly out of Beverly Hills FL. 

Please contact us with any questions you have or to schedule an appointment. 

*Ruth Squires (352) 476-3303